Fine Bespoke Handmade Furniture

Founded in 1997 by Nicky Drummond Brady, NDB Furniture is a British company that focusses on interior consultancy, manufacturing and design of beautifully handcrafted bespoke furniture for home and commercial development.

This Company combines traditional woodworking techniques with fine fabrics to achieve interiors of unsurpassed quality.

Nicky honed her skills  in the leather fashion industry and has extended her expertise in this field by offering high quality bespoke furniture, leather applications, luxurious interior wall panelling, door panelling, headboards, banquets, handrails, and a range of leather accessories — also offering a wide range of the finest leathers from Cow hides, suede, Nubuck, Laser cut leather and many more. NDB Furniture has undertaken global commissions working closely with its clients from designers, architects, developers, contractors and procurement companies. Each commission is  allocated a precision and attention to detail which is paramount to our ethic.

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