NDB, utilizes traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques that result in the highest attainable standard in all our furniture and leather applications.

We produce hundreds of luxury items each year for our international clients...

All are carefully crafted utilising our selection of fine materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques.

The essence of high quality lies in the materials used to make them. We pride ourselves in producing exquisite individual pieces that exude elegance and luxury. The choice of materials you select will not only dictate the appearance of your piece, it will determine the method of production.

Our beautiful items are constructed from a wide range of high quality materials including  wood such as Oak, Beech, Macassar Ash and Tulip. Leather products include Cow Hides, Nappa, Suede, Nubuck and Veg Tan leathers.

Clients are able to take advantage of a wide range of colour swatches for mood boards and client reviews.

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